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Burner Information & Tips

After you receive your Bairan Waste Oil Burner it should perform perfectly.

7 Pin plug connections should be as the photo below:

If you have an external thermostat, e.g. room stat or wireless thermostat, remove the brown link wire. It should be wired in those connectors T1 & T2 where you removed the link.

The photo below shows the wiring of the plug attached to the burner.


PDF  Download the Danfoss Control Box Operation Sheet

For STW120 / STW120P users

You must have a minimum of 30cms from the end of the blast tube for the flame length otherwise you will get blow back into the burner which will keep cutting out.

If your boiler dose not have the depth to accommodate the flame length a smaller nozzle may be fitted. See Spares.

However due to the mishandling of the shipment by the carriers , i.e knocks and bumps sometimes problems may occur.

The following is the starting sequence:

  1. The oil starts to heat.

  2. When the oil temp is at 65-70 the fan runs to purge the system for 11 secs and the ignitors operate.

  3. After 11 secs the PE cell signals the air solenoid to open allowing oil to the nozzle.

  4. The burner should then light up.

  5. After 20secs the ignitors will cease and the flame will continue.

The following may be helpful not only to the newly purchased burner but to Bairan burners already in service :

All Bairan burners are fully tested before dispatch.

If the Air pressure is showing low on the gauge i.e less than 0.4 kgs /cm sq or 5 psi check that the end cap allen bolts are tight and all air connections are properly connected. and there are no air leaks. Check round the end cap if possible with soapy water which will show up any leaks.

If the burner motor runs but makes no attempt to light and goes to reset after about 11 secs make sure the blast tube is in darkness otherwise the Photo Cell / Magic eye will detect that the burner is already lit and pass a message to the control box of a fault. This usually occurs when trying the burner on the bench and not in the boiler or cabinet. Check that you can hear the solenoid open after the 11 secs , if not check the solenoid connections in the plug.


The following applies to Bairan burners which have been removed and thoroughly cleaned and then will not light.

It is a good practice to run your burner every month on approx 4 litres of Kerosene. This keeps the nozzle holder and nozzle clean.

WARNING : Reduce the Temperature to  Zero  when running on Kerosene

Ensure that the Brake plate sits proud of the blast tube by approx 2 mm and the fan air vent is adjusted to the application , usually open  10mm

We have been working on these Bairan burners since 2003 so even though you did not buy your burner from us please call 07779017975 if you are having problems.

Here are some common Q&As

No Power to Burner Check all fuses and circuit breakers
Check T1 &T2 are linked in the 7 pin connector
Burner fan runs when Oil temp is to set point i.e. 50-60 degrees C but stops after 11 secs The PE cell is seeing light
The air solenoid has not opened
Check solenoid plug connections
Put the P E cell somewhere dark until the burner lights then expose it to the light.
Check if the ignitors are operating.
Burner lights but the flame is very bad then it goes into reset Air pressure is set too low. Should be minimum 0.4 on gauge
Small filter in heater tank is blocked
O ring in nozzle is faulty
The Nozzle needs renewing
The Nozzle holder has got a blockage
Note: The fan pressure adjuster is behind the black plastic cover beside the solenoid. this can be adjusted to suit your particular application using an Allen key
The burner lights immediately the fan runs The air solenoid has remained open and has got a fault and needs replacing
The heater tank thermostat is faulty
Burner and fan Run when the oil has reached the set point , then the Solenoid opens and the burner lights then cuts out . This is usually caused by a faulty PE cell


It is important that the oil level in the oil heater tank is below the level of the nozzle otherwise oil can bleed through the nozzle into the blast tube.


Oil Drips into boiler when running




Oil Drips onto Brake Plate from nozzle when not running.

( This only applies to burners without integrated compressors )

This is caused by the electrodes set too far forward in the Oil cone. Oil then drips off the electrodes and is blown forward into the boiler fire box, and drips onto the blast tube

Another cause is the nozzle semi blocked and will need cleaning or replaced or a new O ring fitted

If the fire box of the boiler is too small or the flue draft is poor, blow back can occur


The Solenoid is leaking air through to the nozzle. Either replace the solenoid or remove and clean.



How to Get Better Pressure From Your Compressor

Remove the end cap, then remove the 6 Allen screws holding the compressor face plate. This will expose the rotor inside the compressor ring. Loosen, do not remove, the 2 Allen screws holding the compressor ring in place, then press the compressor ring tight against the rotor whilst tightening the 2 Allen screws. Ensure that all rotate. Then assemble everything again and you should have a better pressure.

If not a new rotor may be required.

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Bairan Waste Oil Burners & Spares
Bairan Waste Oil Burners & Spares
Bairan Waste Oil Burners & Spares